Who We Are?

Our Mission

Always running,watching the time,thinking to present,past,future.In the end we remember the life from our picture.Let’s discover the beauty and ugly,the places,the people,the magic.Smile when you will see a a photo take it in right moment,but totally blurred.With me you will have amazing pictures,and also only a few ugly photos.Smile,all the memories are coming from our pictures.

Uncut,unedited,no software touch,this is the difference today between real and unreal photography .We will provide you an  amazing  photography.

Extraordinary Experiences

When i take a photography for you,i’m a part from your picture.

With me,will be an amazing experience to work together,some times you will smile,maybe you will be uncomfortable,exited, even surprised.Remember,for a perfect picture i need time,even you consider we make enough to chose.

Our Core Values

Remember the rule of  III R, Respect yourself ,Respect everybody,Responsible for all your actions.

  • Give back more then you can do
  • Quality is everything
  • Our pictures are redividing the time